Handicap Placard TN

Handicap Placard TN is provided by Tennessee DMV, 1150 Foster Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee, phone number 615-741-3101. Make sure you follow the instructions and provide all the needed documents and forms to Tennessee Department of Revenue to make sure you get your handicapped parking permit or placard fast.

How do I get a Handicap Placard TN?

You can get your Handicap Placard TN, by filling out the online form, providing the full details of your handicapped parking request form below provided by Tennessee DMV:


Handicap Placard TN Phone Number

Where do I call for a Handicap Placard TN?

You need to call Tennessee DMV to talk to an agent regarding your Handicap Placard TN at 615-741-3101

Handicap Placard TN Appointment

How to make a DMV appointent for Handicap Placard TN?

You can make an appointment at the Tennessee Department of Revenue, to get your Handicap Placard TN by using the following appointment link: https://www.tn.gov/safety/driver-services/online.html

Tennessee Department of Revenue Mailing Address

What is Tennessee Department of Revenue mailing address?

Below is the Tennessee Department of Revenue mailing address:

DMV: Tennessee Department of Revenue
Address: 1150 Foster Avenue
City: Nashville
State & Zip Code: Tennessee 37243

Guarding Disabled Parking Spots
Watch what happens if you illegally park in a disabled parking spit, causing a costly fine, in the state of Tennessee.

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